May 2017

Reached an employment level of 35 employees from varied backgrounds servicing over 90 houses, 40 businesses, pubs, medical & dental centres and a church

January 2016

Attained Which trusted trader status after examination by people from the Which Consumer Organisation

September 2015

My daughter responded to the plea for help from the DIY SOS Veteran's Village in their attempt to get ready for the launch on Monday 28 September. She cleaned through the night of Sunday. She she did this unprompted by me and I'm proud of her.

June 2015

We have reached 32 employees. All staff are paid well above the current living wage

February 2015

Brightway has won 3 awards as follows for 2015:

1. One of the top 100 businesses in the country

2. The 2nd best cleaning business in the country

3. The best cleaning business in Bury

Thank you to all who provided testimonials 

November 2014

Raising money in memory of Joshua Wilson

go to this link:

October 2014

We are finalists in the Made in Bury Business awards taking place over the next few months.

August 2014

We are now providing between let cleaning services for Northwood Lettings, Belvoir, Jacob's Ladder and various private landlords

February 2014

Brightway Cleaning have been awarded "Most Loved" cleaning business in the Bury area for 2014. That's the second year running we have won the award.

January 2014

Brightway Cleaning supplied a team of cleaners to clean a house after the building and decorating work had been completed, as featured in the BBC 1 series DIY SOS. This was the big build and was used as part of a life changing transformation to the home of a family in Bury

December 2013

We are now affilliated with Bury Hospice

November 2013

As part of Bury Business Group we were involved in sponsoring the New Business Category of the Made In Bury Business Awards held in The Longfield Suite on 22 November.

October 2013

We are part of a steering group that is froming a networking group to raise money for Bury Hospice.

Jul 2013

We were presented with a "Movers and Shakers" award by Best of Bury as a successful and valued local business. This was presented at Santino's, Tuesday 25 June 2013. See in uor gallery page

June 2013

We now have over 80 houses on our books

 April 2013

We have recently begun cleaning the external areas of shopping arcade in Middleton

 March 2013

Brightway have just been awarded "The Most Loved" business in Bury for 2013 in the category of Domestic and Business cleaning. Hurrah!

 Charity concert over New Year

We are sponsoring a charity music night on Sat 29 dec 12, raising money for Bury Hospice and Heywood Youth Link. It's in the Elizabethan Suite in Bury Town Hall starting at 1930 hrs. High quality live music from 3 bands. Sound provided courtesy of Wigwam Acoustics

 September 2012

We have recently taken on our first pub. An exciting new direction for us. It’s the Wishing Well Pub in Heywood.  They do great live music. This brings our customer base to the following:

2 Medical Centres, 2 Dental Centres, 2 nurseries, 6 businesses, 68 private houses and now a pub.